January 2014 - Court Allows Injured Parties to "Stack" Liability Policies to Recover More for Their Accidents

The Western District Court of Appeals made it possible for injured parties to recover more for their injuries by allowing accident victims to recover amounts from insurance policies covering other owned vehicles. In Dutton vs. American Family Mutual Insurance Company, a trial court found that an injured victim was only allowed to recover insurance covering the vehicle that the at-fault driver was driving at the time of the accident.  On appeal, the appellate court reversed and found that there was insurance on another vehicle owned by the individual that should be applicable for the injured driver.  The court allowed the injury victim to recover the minimum amount of the financial responsibility law coverage, or $25,000.00, for the additional owned vehicle.  Injury lawyers in Missouri hope this law stands in order to protect their clients who are often faced with serious injuries and not enough insurance coverage.

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