Client Settles Foot Injury Case for $175,000         

The attorneys at Muchnick & Haber recently helped an injured client obtain a settlement for $175,000.  The man seriously injured his foot while working.  While he previously settled a workers' compensation claim for the injury, we were able to help him obtain additional recovery against the negligent maintenance company that had been hired to maintain the area at our client's workplace.  We are happy to note that we filed the lawsuit against the maintenance company after another attorney decided not to handle the case.  At mediation Todd Muchnick and Josh Margolis helped the client obtain recovery for his injury. 
The injured client suffered a crush injury to his foot which included fractures to multiple toes, or distal phalanges.  In order to fix the fractures, a physician had to perform an operation which consisted of irrigation and debridement of the injured toes.  The insurance company all but refused to negotiate which required our injury attorneys to file a lawsuit.  We are pleased for our client and find it important that we were able to identify additional recovery for the client after another lawyer decided not to pursue the maintenance company. 

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