August 2011 - Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed After Electrocution in St. Louis

Lawsuits have recently been filed in area courts after workers were seriously electrocuted, causing their untimely deaths.

The failure to adequately monitor or guard against the risk of electrocution is a serious risk on any job site. Recently, multiple lawsuits have been filed as a result of electrocution-related deaths. In August 2011, a lawsuit was filed in the St. Louis County Circuit Court after a man was electrocuted when he attempted to repair a light fixture in University City, Missouri. The lawsuit alleges that the wrong circuit was deactivated and the circuits were mislabeled. For more information read the following article:

Additional lawsuits have been filed this month after electrocutions and deaths of workers, including a young girl who died while removing tassels from corn and a Troy man who died after a company allegedly failed to turn off power prior to work on a construction site. For more information read the following articles: ;

If you or someone you know has been electrocuted as a result of a dangerous workplace please contact us. Our St. Louis injury attorneys have represented individuals and their families for serious cases throughout the regional area. Our expertise and understanding of the interaction between contractors and subcontractors, industry standards and OSHA regulations provides us with the ability to help you or your loved ones.

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