Missouri Truck Accidents Caused by Company Policy Violations

Truck Accidents Occur When Truck Drivers Violate Company Policies

Most trucking companies have policies that govern how their drivers should operate their vehicles.  Your truck accident attorney should request and review these policies to investigate whether a driver was in violation of a company policy at the time of a truck accident.  Finding policy violations is an important component in a truck accident lawyer's ability to show that a truck driver or company was negligent.

While most company policies contain requirements similar to those found in the federal regulations, there may be additional requirements for a driver that go beyond what the federal regulations require.  We have successfully litigated truck accident cases where drivers were found to be in violation of policies regarding hours of service, sleep time, space management, clearing blind spots, construction zone driving, drug testing and vehicle inspections.  Please contact us if you were involved in a truck accident with a negligent truck driver.





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