Here you can find news regarding our practice and issues that affect the legal community.  We routinely follow legal developments that may affect our cases and clients.  Please click on the links below for more information on each item.  


February 2021 - Hospitals Avoid Billing Your Health Insurance 

When you are injured in a car accident, truck accident, or slip and fall, you probably think a hospital will submit your bills to your health insurance.  Unfortunately, this is not the case - hospitals often refuse to bill insurance in an attempt to get paid more out of your settlement.  This is because some medical providers try to avoid getting paid a discounted rate from your health insurance by either filing a lien or not billing your insurance at all.  Hiring a lawyer from the beginning of a case can help you avoid this situation.  Click here find out more information.  

October 2020 - Missouri Workers' Compensation Law Allows Enhanced Benefits for Mesothelioma

You or a loved one could be entitled to enhanced benefits of up to 300%  of the state average weekly wage under the Missouri workers' compensation law for work-related mesothelioma.  Most people don't know that Missouri law allows for this increased opportunity for compensation.  These benefits can be paid to the employee's spouse or children in certain situations.  Contact the lawyers at MHM Legal to find out if you are entitled to these benefits.

June 2020 - House Committee Votes to Increase Trucking Insurance Minimums 

On June 17, the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure voted for an amendment to increase the minimum insurance requirements from $750,000 to $ 2 Million.  The minimum insurance standards have not increased since they were established in 1980.  While the bill needs to pass the full House and Senate, the increase is essential to protect those who suffer catastrophic injuries from truck accidents. 

May 2020 - Harbor Freight Recalls Pittsburgh Automotive Jack Stands Because of Injury Concerns

Harbor Freight recalled certain models of its Pittsburgh Automotive jack stands because of the potential for serious injury for those using the products near or under lifted vehicles. According to the Safety Recall issued by Harbor Freight, located here, people should Stop Using These Jack Stands Immediately.  The recall states there is a potential for the stand to drop suddenly under weight.  If you have been injured by a jack stand, contact us for a free evaluation of your product liability claim.  

April 2020 - Workers' Compensation Benefits for Coronavirus and COVID-19

Can you file a workers' compensation claim if you think you developed coronavirus or COVID-19 in Missouri? This is a question for which many workers would like to know the answerincluding in the St. Louis area.  We want to first and foremost thank all of the employees in the businesses that keep us going in this time of great uncertainty.  This includes First Responders such as police officers, paramedics, EMTs, firefighters, and other medical personnel.  Our country cannot go on without these workers' dedication and sacrifice during this trying time. In order recognize the risk to their health, an emergency rule has been enacted in Missouri to create a presumption that First Responders who contract COIVID-19 did so in the line of duty to allow them to make a claim under the Missouri Workers Compensation law if they are sickened by COVID-19.

September 2019 - We are Happy to Win a $1.5 Million Jury Verdict for a Truck Accident Victim

In September 2019, a St. Louis jury returned a unanimous $1.5 Million verdict for a twenty-seven year old man who injured his neck and back in a tractor-trailer accident in St. Louis, Missouri.  After the insurance company refused to offer fair compensation for the injuries caused by the truck driver, Aaron Haber and Todd Muchnick tried the case to jury verdict.  The trucking company asked the jury to award $50,000.  We were extremely happy when the jury returned a verdict for 30 times more than what the defendant suggested. 

May 2019 - Dog Bite and Animal Bite Victims Hire Us to Protect Their Rights

Many people love their pets and think of them as our their friend.  Unfortunately, sometimes animals bite, and the results can be severe.  According to statistics from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), an estimated 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs every year and over 800,000 people require medical care for a dog bite. Children are most likely to be bitten by dogs. We routinely represent individuals who have been bitten by dogs. In one case, we helped a young girl recover $100,000 for a dog bite.  For more information on dog bite law click here.

April 2018 - $1,000,000 Settlement- Tractor Trailer Crash - Springfield, Missouri

Josh Margolis helped a woman who was severely injured obtain a policy-limits, One Million Dollar settlement for a tractor-trailer accident that forever changed her life.  The truck driver made an improper turn and the trucking company blamed the client for speeding and not paying attention.  Through use of experts using physical and forensic evidence, we were able to defeat the defendants' arguments.  We also showed the company violated its own policies and procedures in failing to hire and train a qualified driver. 

October 2017 - $250,000 Settlement for Fall on Ice

Injury cases where people fall on ice can be tough, especially when it is hard to prove the existence of ice. An unfortunate fall on ice for a client recently resulted in a $250,000 recovery for our client, partially because the client obtained photos of the icy area after the fall.  The owner of the commercial property would not respond to the client's request to accept responsibility for the dangerous condition on the property.  The attorneys at Muchnick Haber Margolis helped the client obtain a substantial settlement at mediation after litigating the case. 

Summer 2017 - Missouri Legislature Passes Tort Reform

During the 2017 legislative session, the Missouri legislature passed various laws making it more difficult for injured parties to recover their damages in Missouri.  The laws include changes to the expert witness standard, time limited demands, amounts of bills injured parties can present to juries, discrimination standards, and various portions of workers' compensation laws.  As we continue to represent individuals injured by the actions of others in the State of Missouri, we will fight to minimize the effect of these changes. 

Lawyers at Muchnick Haber Margolis Recognized by Super Lawyers Magazine

Todd Muchnick, Aaron Haber and Joshua Margolis have again been recognized by Super Lawyers Magazine for their accomplishments.   Super Lawyers is a rating service of lawyers who have attained a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement.  Todd Muchnick has again been named a Super Lawyer and has from 2011 - 2012 and 2015 - 2017.  Aaron Haber and Joshua Margolis have both been chosen as Rising Stars from 2013 - 2017.  

April 2017 - $748,000 in Benefits Won After Chemical Exposure

After almost four years of legal maneuvering we obtained a $748,000 in benefits after a worker inhaled a chemical at work.  We recognized that in addition to a workers' compensation case, our client had the ability to seek additional recovery through additional litigation.  The case required many depositions and motions, but in the end, the total recovery included nearly three quarters of million dollars including the future medical benefits we obtained for our client. 

March 2017 - Rental Car Accident with Hard to Find Defendant  

Sometimes the cases that are newsworthy for our firm are not those with the largest settlements, but those with difficult facts.  After being hired for a case where a young man was injured by someone driving a rental car, Aaron Haber was able to jumpstart a case that had already been filed in court.  This case was difficult because our client was struck by someone driving a rental car that was rented by someone else and the driver of that rental car could not be located.  After two years of litigation, our client won a settlement after we were able to locate the defendant, and obtain multiple sources of recovery for our client. 

February 2017 -  $165,000 Settlement for Federal Foot Injury Case

A client with smart instincts contacted us shortly after her accident.  Following our general advice, instead of waiting to see how the insurance company would respond, the client called Aaron Haber to help.  Calling us early was important as we were able to obtain important photos and have an accident reconstructionist evaluate the vehicle and the location of the the collision before important evidence disappeared.  After litigating the case in Federal court, the client won a $165,000 settlement for the injury to her foot. 

January 2017 - Scott Restoff Hired 

Muchnick Haber Margolis is proud to announce the hiring of Scott Restoff to help better assist our clients.  Mr. Restoff is licensed in Missouri and Illinois and has experience in personal injury litigation which has led him across the country to participate in depositions and other aspects of cases involving severely injured individuals. 

December 2016 - A Close to Another Successful Year

December 2016 brings the close to another successful year for our practice.  It also marks the beginning of change.  The lawyers at Muchnick Haber Margolis recovered millions of dollars in settlements and also received millions in jury verdicts. We also changed the name of our firm to Muchnick Haber Margolis, LC and added Josh Margolis as a member of our practice.  We hope to continue to provide our clients with successful recoveries in the upcoming year. 

November 2016 - $250,000 Settlement for Client with Broken Arm

A client won a settlement for $250,000 for a broken arm suffered as a result of a car accident.  Despite a tough venue, we were able to obtain this result for our client.  

September 2016 - $110,000 Workers' Compensation Settlement 

A Missouri workers' compensation settlement in the amount of $110,000 for a client who died from an unrelated medical condition after suffering a back injury.  The client's wife was substituted and the claim was settled even though the client's permanent partial disability was in dispute.  

July 2016 - Client Receives $150,000 settlement after Scaffold Collapse

Our attorneys obtained a settlement for a client with a shoulder injury after a scaffold collapsed in St. Louis.  After establishing likely violations of appropriate OSHA policies and manufacturer guidelines, we were able to increase the value of the case.  A thorough review and understanding of industry standards, company policies and manufacturer guidelines helped strengthen a case even when the defense questioned whether the incident caused the injuries.  

June 2016 - Compensation for Client with Lacerated Arm 

Sometimes tenants or renters are faced with conditions where a landlord fails to take care of property.  Our client suffered a serious injury to his arm while opening a door, it became stuck and his arm went through the glass.  The door stuck when opened and was dangerous to those who tried to open it.  The client won a $375,000 settlement for the injuries sustained from the dangerous condition on the landlord's property.  If you have been injured because of a dangerous condition at an apartment or condominium, please contact us.   

May 2016 - Client Wins Settlement After Fall at Store 

After two years of investigation and litigation, a client settled a case involving a fall on a slick floor.  The client suffered a knee injury after a maintenance company mopped a floor but failed to place adequate warning signs near the area.  Not surprisingly, the potential responsible parties denied responsibility and forced extensive litigation.  Eventually, the client was able to obtain a significant six-figure settlement to help her after her knee injury. 

April 2016 - Policy Limits Settlement After Low Offer

Not all settlements are policy limits settlements, but with the right facts, and the proper knowledge, the lawyers of Muchnick Haber Margolis have received many policy limits settlements by refusing to lower a demands in appropriate situations. In April 2016, we helped client without a broken bone or surgery obtain a policy limits settlement when the injury was more severe than the bills indicated.  Despite low offers, we refused to lower the demand and a new adjuster offered the policy limits of for the insured driver. 

March 2016 - $5.2 Million Verdict for Victims of Tent Collapse in St. Louis Missouri

On March 14, 2016, in the second week of trial, a St. Louis jury returned a verdict of $5.2 million for those injured or killed in a tent collapse near Busch Stadium in 2012.  Todd Muchnick and Aaron Haber were part of the trial team that worked for almost four years to help those who suffered from this preventable tragedy.  

February 2016 - $55,000 Verdict in St. Louis County

In February 2016, Aaron Haber won a $55,000 verdict for a client who injured his neck and back in a rear-end accident in St. Louis County.  The insurance company refused to offer an adequate amount because there was only $325.00 in property damage to the client's vehicle.  The offer to settle the case prior to litigation was less than $8,000 and the insurance company finally offered $20,000 the week before trial. 

Deck Collapse Injures Five During Mardi Gras Celebration in St. Louis

Five people suffered injuries when a deck collapse injured in the Soulard neighborhood during the Mardi Gras celebration in St. Louis, Missouri.  Our lawyers have experience handling deck collapse cases.  Deck collapses may occur because of a variety of reasons, including faulty construction, poor maintenance, or improper alterations. A lawyer who handles your deck collapse injury case needs to know which parties might be responsible. Please contact us if you have questions about your deck collapse case.

September 15, 2015 - Ammonia Chemical Leak Injures Eight in Brentwood, Missouri

On September 15, 2015, local media outlets reported eight individuals were injured when ammonia leaked at the Brentwood Recreation center.  As noted in the various media reports, the individuals were taken to local hospitals for chemical exposure injuries.  Ammonia is a toxic chemical that can cause respiratory and skin injuries to those who are exposed to the chemical.  Our attorneys represent those injured by chemical exposure.  

August 2015 - Tent Collapses in Lancaster and Chicago Cause Serious Injuries

The attorneys at Muchnick & Haber are well-informed about tent collapse injury cases. Two recent tent collapses highlight the danger of suffering serious injuries and even death during storms.  On August 2, 2015, one person died and others were injured when a tent collapsed in the Chicago area.  The tent collapsed when winds swept through the area.  On August 3, 2015, a circus tent collapsed when a storm swept through the Lancaster fairgrounds in New Hampshire.  The attorneys at Muchnick & Haber have experience investigating and representing individuals injured in tent collapse cases, such as the tent collapse at Kilroy's Sports bar in downtown St. Louis in April 2012.  

May 2015 - $225,000 Settlement For Broken Ankle and Broken Arm

Aaron Haber won a $225,000 for a case involving a broken ankle and a non-displaced fracture of an arm sustained after a fall.  After two years of litigation and many depositions, we were able to uncover documents indicating the defendants had knowledge of a dangerous condition but did nothing to fix the condition on the property.  This case was an example of how being diligent in pursuing and reviewing documents benefited our clients and helped increase the value of the case. 

February 2015 - $172,000 Settlement for Head Injury at Work

After over two years of fighting for our client, we won a $172,000 workers' compensation settlement for a client who suffered a head injury at work.  This was a great result after an expert hired by the client's employer alleged the client was exaggerating her symptoms and did not sustain a significant injury. 

January 2015 - $175,000 Settlement for Shoulder Injured in Car Accident

A $175,000 was won for our client who injured his shoulder in a car accident in Illinois.  The attorneys at Muchnick & Haber have handled many cases involving shoulder injuries in Missouri and Illinois.  Despite the case being located in location that is known as a conservative venue, or location where a jury trial would occur, the client received an excellent result.

November 2014 - $300,000 Settlement Obtained for Accident With Commercial Vehicle

Our attorneys obtained a $300,000 settlement for a client with leg injuries resulting from an accident with a commercial vehicle.  The settlement was a favorable result for the client.  Our experience with handling cases involving truck accidents and commercial vehicle accidents in Missouri allowed us to obtain this result for the injured client. 

October 2014 - Aaron Haber and Joshua Margolis Named Rising Stars by Super Lawyers Magazine

For the second year in a row, Josh Margolis and Aaron Haber were named Rising Stars for Missouri and Kansas by Super Lawyers Magazine.  A lawyer named as a Rising Star must be 40 years or younger and have been practice for ten years or less. 

September 2014 - Todd Muchnick Named Top 100 Trial Lawyer

Todd Muchnick was recently named a Top 100 Trial Lawyer by The National Trial Lawyers, a professional group recognizing the premier trial lawyers across the country.  As a trial lawyer in the Missouri area, Todd has received many significant verdicts over the past 25 years.  For a list of some of Todd's results, visit our case results page and click on one of our practice areas.

July 2014 - $114,000 Verdict For Neck Injury in St. Charles County

Todd Muchnick and Josh Margolis obtained a $114,000 jury verdict in St. Charles County, Missouri for a client who suffered a neck injury in a car accident.  The verdict is a substantial verdict for this location as this county is known for conservative juries.  The verdict was obtained after the insurance company offered $80,000 at mediation. 

April 2014 - Our Attorneys Win $125,000 Settlement for Man with Head Injury

We recently obtained a $125,000 settlement for a client who sustained a head injury from a car accident.  Initially, the extent of the injury was not apparent after the client was released by the emergency room physicians.  After helping the client get evaluated through our network of experts, our client was determined to have a lingering cognitive disorder after his concussion.  The $125,000 settlement was a policy limit settlement combining the limits of liability for the negligent driver and the limits of the client's underinsured motorist coverage on his own automobile insurance policy.

Client Settles Foot Injury Case for $175,000         

The attorneys at Muchnick & Haber recently helped an injured client obtain a settlement for $175,000.  The man seriously injured his foot while working.  While he previously settled a workers' compensation claim for the injury, we were able to help him obtain additional recovery against the negligent maintenance company that had been hired to maintain the area at our client's workplace.  We are happy to note that we filed the lawsuit against the maintenance company after another attorney decided not to handle the case.  At mediation Todd Muchnick and Josh Margolis helped the client obtain recovery for his injury. 

April 2014 - Missouri Supreme Court Makes Workers' Compensation Retaliation Cases Less Difficult

Thanks to a new decision by the Missouri Supreme Court, injured workers have an easier chance to make a claim for retaliatory discharge after filing a workers' compensation claim. According to the court's ruling in Templemire v. W&M Wedling, Inc., employees need only to prove that the filing of a workers' compensation claim was a "contributing factor" to the employee's discharge, termination, or other discipline. This is a change from the old standard in Missouri by which an employee would have to prove exclusive causal connection when attempting to maintain a claim for workers' compensation retaliatory discharge.

January 2014 - Court Allows Injured Parties to "Stack" Liability Policies to Recover More for Their Accidents

The Western District Court of Appeals made it possible for injured parties to recover more for their injuries by allowing accident victims to recover amounts from insurance policies covering other owned vehicles. In Dutton vs. American Family Mutual Insurance Company, a trial court found that an injured victim was only allowed to recover insurance covering the vehicle that the at-fault driver was driving at the time of the accident.  On appeal, the appellate court reversed and found that there was insurance on another vehicle owned by the individual that should be applicable for the injured driver.  The court allowed the injury victim to recover the minimum amount of the financial responsibility law coverage, or $25,000.00, for the additional owned vehicle.  Injury lawyers in Missouri hope this law stands in order to protect their clients who are often faced with serious injuries and not enough insurance coverage.

December 2013 - Woman Settles Truck Accident Case for Four Times Pre-Suit Offer

The truck accident lawyers at Muchnick and Haber recently settled a truck accident case for a woman who was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer on a local interstate. The insurance company for the trucking company attempted to settle the claim prior to litigation for much less than the case was worth. After filing a lawsuit against the negligent truck company and its driver, and engaging and substantial discovery, a settlement was reached for approximately four times what had been offered prior to the lawsuit was filed.

November 2013 - Truck Companies and Truck Drivers Adjust to New Regulations

Over the last four months, truck drivers and trucking companies have been adjusting to the new DOT hours of service safety regulations which went into effect on July 1, 2013. The Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration instituted the updated regulations in an attempt to reduce chronic fatigue, a high risk of crashes, and the number of serious health conditions of truck drivers. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has estimated that the new regulations will prevent approximately 1,400 trucking accidents each year.

October 2013 - Dangerous Road Case Settles for $540,000

The attorneys at Muchnick & Haber recently recovered $540,000 for a client whose injuries were caused by a dangerous road without proper signage.  Our client was operating his vehicle on a frontage road next to a major interstate when a commercial vehicle pulled in front of him.  A lawsuit was filed against the driver of the vehicle and against the entity responsible for the construction of the road.  It was alleged that the road did not have adequate signage to warn drivers of an entrance to the roadway.  After consulting with medical experts, an accident reconstruction expert and a road design expert, we were able to settle the claim against both defendants. 

October 2013 - Aaron Haber and Joshua Margolis Named Rising Stars by Super Lawyers Magazine

In October 2013, Aaron Haber and Joshua Margolis were named Rising Stars for Missouri and Kansas by Super Lawyers Magazine.  A lawyer chosen as a Rising Star must be 40 years or younger and have been in practice for 10 years or less.  No more than 2.5% of the lawyers in the state are named to the Rising Stars list.  Every lawyer at Muchnick & Haber, LC has been recognized as either a Super Lawyer or a Rising Star.

July 2013 - Aaron Haber Named Up & Coming Lawyer by Missouri Lawyers Weekly

We are proud to announce that Aaron Haber has been selected as an "Up and Coming Lawyer" for 2013 by Missouri Lawyers Weekly.  This award is given to lawyers based on their academic and career accomplishments, their ability to overcome obstacles in their lives and careers, their community involvement, and their potential to make a difference in the profession, the legal system or the community.  The award will be presented in September at the Chase Park Plaza in St. Louis, Missouri.

June 2013 - Muchnick & Haber Hired to Represent Victims of Deck Collapse

 On Memorial Day a deck collapse in the St. Louis area resulted in serious injuries to individuals attending a barbeque. This unfortunate incident has been covered by many local media outlets, including KSDK (Channel 5 News).  The attorneys at Muchnick & Haber were retained to assist the injured parties in their claims for personal injury.  Our experience with workplace and construction site cases places us in a unique position to handle cases involving structural defects.  Please click here for examples of our recoveries in similar cases. 

February 2013 - Injured Construction Worker's Permanent Disability Award Upheld

In February 2013, the Labor and Industrial Relation Commission affirmed the permanent total disability workers' compensation award for a St. Louis construction who suffered a serious neck injury.  The Missouri workers' compensation attorneys at Muchnick & Haber won the hearing on behalf of the injured worker who suffered from central cord syndrome after a beam fell on him at a high-rise construction project.  The award should help the injured worker receive maximum disability benefits for the rest of his life. 

Megabus Crash Kills 1 and Seriously Injures at Least 5

On August 2, 2012, a commercial bus operated by Megabus crashed on Interstate 55 near Litchfield, Illinois, killing at least one and seriously injuring many more passengers. As reported by various media outlets, the bus ran off the road and collided with a concrete pole or barrier in the median. The severity of the injuries required the use of ambulances and medical helicopters. It has been reported that a possible cause of the Megabus bus accident was a blown tire that may have caused the driver to lose control. It is likely that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will investigate the accident. Because many commercial buses and their drivers are subject to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, the lawyers who represent the individuals injured in the Litchfield bus accident must be experienced with the regulations. Additionally,because a blown tire may have caused the accident, an understanding of tire failure and product liability law is essential for those attorneys investigating the accident.

June 2012 - Aaron Haber and Todd Muchnick Obtain $3.1 Million Verdict for Death and Injuries Caused by Negligent Police Chase

A St. Louis City jury returned a total verdict of $3.1 Million for a family that suffered traumatic injuries in a motor vehicle accident. On December 3, 2009, agents of the Uplands Park Police Department attempted to stop a car that was traveling 46 in a 30 mile per hour zone. When that driver did not stop, the uncertified officer, at the direction of another officer, started a high speed police pursuit into the City of St. Louis. The fleeing vehicle struck another vehicle, causing the death of the driver, and serious personal injuries to the other occupants of the vehicle. After four days of trial, the jury returned a unanimous verdict for the plaintiffs.

May 2012 - Todd Muchnick Named 2012 Missouri-Kansas Super Lawyer

Todd Muchnick has again been named a Missouri-Kansas Super Lawyer. This is the second year in a row that Mr. Muchnick has received this award. This award is given to lawyers who receive the highest point totals, as chosen by their peers and through independent research.

May 2012 - Lawsuits Filed for Injuries Sustained During Kilroy's Tent Collapse

On May 14, 2012, the attorneys at Muchnick & Haber filed the first personal injury lawsuits related to the collapse of a tent at Kilroys Sports Bar in St. Louis. The lawsuit alleges, among other things, that the tent was improperly installed and was in violation of a St. Louis City Ordinance that requires certain tent structures to withstand forces of 20 pounds per square foot or wind speeds of 90 miles per hour. It is expected that there will be more lawsuits filed as a result of the tent collapse of April 28, 2012.

March 2012 - $650,000 Verdict in Federal Court for Client with PTSD

Todd Muchnick and Aaron Haber obtained a $650,000 verdict for a client who suffered serious orthopedic and psychological injuries in a motor vehicle accident. The case was tried before a jury in the United States District Court, Eastern District of Missouri. The verdict against Safeco Insurance Company of Illinois was obtained after the insurance company refused to provide underinsured motorist benefits to its insured, the plaintiff in the lawsuit.

Federal and State Laws Focus on Dangerous Cell Phone Use

Attorneys who handle personal injury cases in Missouri and St. Louis are seeing more cases that involve drivers on their cell phones. Whether being used in a conversation or by texting while driving, the use of a cell phone is a frequent cause of car accidents and tractor trailer accidents on the highways, interstates, and local roads in the area.

January 2012 - $190,000 Settlement Obtained for Injured Client

Todd Muchnick recently recovered $190,000 in uninsured motorist benefits in a settlement for a hip injury that occurred in St. Louis, Missouri. The injured client was struck by a drunk driver who did not have insurance for his vehicle. A personal injury lawsuit was filed for the recovery of uninsured motorist benefits and the case was settled in mediation.

January 2012 - Injured Worker Receives $125,000 Settlement for Fall on Ice

St. Louis Attorney Aaron Haber obtained a $125,000 settlement for a client who fell on black ice in St. Chalres County, Missouri. The man was attempting to get into his vehicle when he slipped on ice and suffered a bimalleolar ankle fracture. After the claim was initially denied by the insurance company, an investigation revealed that the property owner had hired a snow-plowing company that improperly plowed the parking lot.

Washington County Car Accident Injures Six and Kills One

On December 9, 2012, six people were injured and a baby was killed on Highway 21 near Highway CC in Washington County near Washington State Park.

According to the Missouri Highway Patrol, Britney LaChance of Potosi was traveling with her six month old son Sebastian Garvin when she lost control of her vehicle and hit a pick-up truck. The passengers in the pick-up truck also suffered injuries. They are: Amanda Stringer; Angela Stringer; Jimmie Stringer; Lillie Stringer; and Michael J. Stringer.

Given the fatal crash it is likely the Missouri Highway Patrol will perform a full accident reconstruction. There are many issues that arise from motor vehicle accidents, including vehicle conditions, road design, physical evidence, and driver’s reaction time. Therefore, it is important for the lawyers who represent individuals involved in an accident to understand traffic regulations and whether the cause is driver error or vehicle defect.

November 2011 - Injured Construction Worker Receives $625,000 Settlement

The attorneys at Muchnick & Haber obtained a $625,000 settlement for a construction worker who was injured after a fall down an improperly guarded elevator shaft. The worker suffered a serious back injury and underwent a spinal fusion operation after the fall. The settlement was notable in that it was obtained in St. Charles County, which can be an unfavorable venue for injured plaintiffs.

October 2011 - Missouri Court of Appeals Addresses What Injuries Fall Under Missouri Workers' Compensation Laws

What types of injuries qualify for workers’ compensation claims in Missouri? This is a question that is frequently asked of a St. Louis workers’ compensation attorney. In October 2011, the Eastern District Court of Appeals addressed what types of injuries are covered under the Missouri workers compensation law in Johme v. St. John’s Mercy Healthcare.

October 2011 - New OSHA Directive May Affect Personal Injury Cases In Missouri

The Occupational Safety & Health Association (OSHA) recently began enforcing a new residential fall protection directive. This new directive not only affects residential building companies, but it also affects personal injury and workers’ compensation cases in the St. Louis region. Your St. Louis injury attorney must understand how OSHA regulations can become an important part of your claim to recover for an injury suffered on a job site or construction site.

Todd Muchnick Named 2011 Missouri-Kansas Super Lawyer

Congratulations to Todd Muchnick, of Muchnick & Haber, LC, who has been named a 2011 Missouri-Kansas Super Lawyer. The Super Lawyers Magazine awards this distinction to attorneys who receive the highest point totals, as chosen by their peers and through independent research.

September 2011 - Motorcycle Accident Results in $100,000 Settlement

A St. Louis motorcycle accident resulted in a $100,000 policy-limit settlement for a man who was struck by a negligent driver. As a result of the accident, the client suffered a torn rotator cuff, which required surgical intervention.

Client Settles Shoulder Injury Case for $80,000

The St Louis personal injury attorneys at Muchnick and Haber recently settled a case for $80,000.00 on behalf of a client who injured her shoulder after an accident in Macoupin County, Illinois.

Truck Drivers Concerned About CSA

Tractor trailer drivers are voicing their concerns with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Compliance, Safety, Accountability initiative designed to reduce semi accidents.

August 2011 - Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed After Electrocution in St. Louis

Lawsuits have recently been filed in area courts after workers were seriously electrocuted, causing their untimely deaths.

July 2011 - $100,000 Policy-Limit Settlement Obtained for Client

Our client was rear-ended by another vehicle in St. Louis County. She developed neck complaints requiring surgical intervention.

July 2011 - $172,000 Settlement Obtained for Underinsured Motorist Case

After years of hard-fought litigation, we were able to obtain this underinsured motorist settlement against a major insurance company after it refused to provide benefits owed to our clients after being involved in a car accident.

July 2011 - We Opened Our New Offices

On July 1, 2011, we moved to The Truman Bank Building in Clayton. Our new address is 8151, Clayton Road, Suite 201, Clayton, Missouri, 63117.

June 2011 - Disputed Work Comp Case Settled for $200,000

Aaron Haber and Todd Muchnick settled a highly-disputed workers' compensation claim on behalf of an injured worker. The worker was injured while driving his tractor-trailer and suffered injuries to his neck and back.

April 2011 - Formation of Muchnick & Haber, LC

Todd Muchnick and Aaron Haber are proud to announce the formation of their new law firm, Muchnick & Haber, LC. We will continue to focus on representing the interests of our clients for all of their varied legal issues.

Disputed Work Comp Case Settled for $200,000

Aaron Haber and Todd Muchnick settled a highly-disputed workers’ compensation claim on behalf of an injured worker.

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