Tractor-Trailer Case Results

Please be aware that past results reported on this site do not guarantee future results. Every case is different and must be judged on its own merits.  Please click on the links for more information.

$1.5 Million Verdict - Trucking Accident for Back Injury

Muchnick Haber Margolis won a unanimous verdict that was thirty times what the trucking company suggested at trial. 

$1,000,000 Settlement - Trucking Accident - Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Josh Margolis helped a woman obtain a $1,000,000 policy-limits settlement when a truck driver turned in front of her on the highway.  

$700,000 Settlement – Tractor-Trailer Accident

Todd Muchnick and Aaron Haber obtained a $700,000 personal injury case settlement for a woman whose vehicle was struck in a tractor-trailer accident operated by a major interstate trucking company.

$695,000 Settlement – Tractor-Trailer Accident – St. Louis County

A $695,000 personal injury settlement was obtained for a St. Louis woman who was rear-ended on Interstate 270 by a tractor-trailer.

$500,000 Settlement – Tractor-Trailer Accident – Illinois

Todd Muchnick obtained a $500,000 personal injury settlement for a man and a woman who were severely injured when a tractor-trailer attempted an illegal U-turn on Interstate 70.

$375,000 Settlement - Truck Accident With Disputed Injuries

Our truck accident lawyers won a $375,000 settlement for a client who was rear-ended by a tractor trailer.  The defense attorneys and their insurance companies hired four different doctors to say our client's neck and back injuries were not caused by the collision. The impact did not result if significant property damage and the client had a previous back injury to the same part of his body.  After being told that the most that would be offered would be minimal, Todd Muchnick and Aaron Haber litigated the case in multiple states and obtained a favorable settlement.

$350,000 Settlement - Tractor-Trailer Accident - St. Louis County

Todd Muchnick and Aaron Haber obtained a $350,000 personal injury settlement on behalf of a woman who was side-swiped by a tractor-trailer on Interstate 44 near Pacific, Missouri.

$300,000 Verdict - Trucking Accident

Our client won a $300,000 Verdict in Franklin County, Missouri after a week-long jury trial.  The client sustained a back injury after being struck by a truck driver who was leased to another trucking company.  An in-depth investigation into the trucking company history revealed a history of ignoring Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.  

$300,000 Settlement – Tractor-Trailer Accident, Wrongful Death

The three surviving adult children of a woman who was killed in a tractor-trailer accident in New Mexico received a $300,000 settlement.

Client Settles Shoulder Injury Case for $80,000

The St Louis personal injury attorneys at Muchnick and Haber recently settled a case for $80,000.00 on behalf of a client who injured her shoulder after an accident in Macoupin County, Illinois.

Past Results

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