Workers' Compensation Case Results

Muchnick & Haber attorneys have handled over one thousand workers' compensation cases in Missouri.  Theses workers compensation cases include settlements and awards for permanent partial disability (PPD) and permanent total disability (TTD). If you have a work injury in Missouri, but are not totally disabled, you may be entitled to a PPD award or settlement. The amount you receive will depend on the body part injured, the extent of the work injury, the amount you were earning at the time of the injury, and the date you were injured on the job. If you are permanently and totally disabled, you may be entitled to weekly benefits for the duration of your lifetime.

Our workers' compensation results also involve the daily battles that injured workers face when they are injured on the job.  We routinely help and advise our clients on how to obtain correct medical treatment as allowed by law.  We often assist our clients in obtaining their lost wage benefits, which include TTD benefits and TPD benefits.  Finally, we help our clients respond to the insurance company or employer's allegations of misconduct or other various defenses to claims. Please be aware that past results reported on this site do not guarantee future results. Every case is different and must be judged on its own merits.  Please review some of the examples of our results below and click on any links for more information.

2017 - Chemical Exposure Case Ends in $427,000 Settlement

A worker exposed to a leaking chemical on the job received at settlement of $197,000 plus $230,000 for future medical treatment.  The case was highly disputed throughout the workers' compensation process.  Through many depositions we were able to establish the severity of the chemical exposure and the damage it caused to the client.  The case settled right before there was to be a hearing to determine the outcome of the case.  

2015 - Permanent Total Disability Benefits Awarded to Client

Todd Muchnick won permanent total disability benefits for a client who sustained serious injuries and was unable to work.  The client injured his ankle and fibula in a work accident in Missouri.  Prior to his ankle injury, the client had also injured his shoulder which resulted in a rotator cuff tear.  Because of the combination of his injuries, the worker had trouble standing, walking and using his arm.  After obtaining expert testimony from physicians and a vocational rehabilitation counselor, Todd Muchnick tried the case and won permanent disability benefits for the client.

2015 - $140,000 Settlement for Neck and Hip Injury Case 

A $140,000 settlement was won for a client who injured his neck and hip when struck by a falling object at work.  The client was able to settle his claim when the insurance company was faced with going to trial.  

2015 - Muchnick & Haber Attorneys Help Injured Workers Defeat Improper Claims of Workplace Safety Violations

This year we have helped multiple workers obtain proper workers' compensation benefits after their employers or insurance companies argue that violations of workplace safety rules should reduce the amounts payable.  Missouri law allows an injured worker's benefits to be reduced by as much as 50% if the worker's injury was caused by the failure to follow a reasonable safety rule.  Occasionally an employer or insurance company allege a worker violated a safety rule when there was no such violation.  Do not let your employer deny your benefits when you did not violate a safety rule.  Please click on this link for more information about this issue.

2015 - $170,000 Settlement for Head Injury Case

A client suffered a head injury when part of a shelf fell on her head while working.  Initially, the injury seemed like a routine concussion.  However, the client's symptoms did not resolve as expected.  We assisted the client in obtaining proper treatment throughout two years of treatment.  The client's employer sent the client for an evaluation where the evaluating physician claimed there was only a "minor head trauma," and stated the client was magnifying or exaggerating her symptoms.  Despite this evaluation, our workers' compensation attorneys helped the client obtain a significant settlement which allowed her to move past her unfortunate work injury.  

February 2013 - Injured Construction Worker's Permanent Disability Award Upheld

In February 2013, the Labor and Industrial Relation Commission affirmed the permanent total disability workers' compensation award for a St. Louis construction who suffered a serious neck injury.  The Missouri workers' compensation attorneys at Muchnick & Haber won the hearing on behalf of the injured worker who suffered from central cord syndrome after a beam fell on him at a high-rise construction project.  The award should help the injured worker receive maximum disability benefits for the rest of his life. 

January 2013 - Permanent Disability Workers' Compensation Award for Injured Worker

An injured worker who sustained serious injuries to her leg was awarded permanent total disability benefits by a St. Louis Workers' Compensation judge in January 2013.  After the insurance company refused to provide permanent total disability benefits, the attorneys at Muchnick & Haber were able to obtain the award after a hearing.  Todd Muchnick successfully convinced the judge that the claimant was deserving of the total disability benefits. 

Disputed Work Comp Case Settled for $200,000

Aaron Haber and Todd Muchnick settled a highly-disputed workers’ compensation claim on behalf of an injured worker.

Workers’ Compensation Claims for Permanent Total Disability

Our attorneys have obtained claims for permanent total disability benefits for workers who are unable to return to any employment and cannot compete for employment in the open labor market.

Workers' Compensation Claims for Permanent Partial Disability

Combined, we have handled over a thousand workers' compensation claims for permanent partial disability. This includes prosecuting and defending work comp claims in Missouri and Illinois.

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